Firelock Games

Blood and Plunder Rulebook

Blood & Plunder Rulebook  features an innovative initiative system with simple and intuitive rules. This fast paced, highly tactical ruleset set in the 17th Century Caribbean during the age of piracy, can be played on your average kitchen table in about 2 hours and is sure to appeal to both casual and competitive players. This book includes all the rules necessary to play out battles on land, sea or both simultaneously.

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Potomac Books

Pirate Hunting

2011 World Factbook

High-Value Target

Breeding Ground

Virtual Caliphate

Pick Up Your Own Brass

America’s Covert Warriors

A Warrior’s Guide to Psychology and Performance

Kindle Press

One Hundred Reasons, by Susan Collins

sljdf;alksdjfa;; soidaf;a; oasdfnwoien /lv a;sidfnas’ ;lak;sdlfkaj ;sdlfj aoiefa;sldkfj;a sNurse Sage Nichols life changed when she lost her favorite patient and inherited a bed and breakfast in a town she didn’t know existed. She traveled to Aspen Cove intent to sell so she could hurry back to her life in Denver. Little did she know, she was about to find everything she ever needed in the tiny mountain town with a big heart. 

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Amazon Crossing

The Corpse Reader, by Antonio Garrido

After his grandfather dies, avid scholar and budding forensic investigator Cí Song begrudgingly gives up his studies to help his family. But when another tragedy strikes, he’s forced to run and also deemed a fugitive. Dishonored, he has no choice but to accept work as a lowly gravedigger, a position that allows him to sharpen his corpse-reading skills. Soon, he can deduce whether a person killed himself—or was murdered.

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Chronicle of the Horse

“The Divine Inspiration of Tom MacGuinness”

“More than 30 years have passed since Tom MacGuinness started the business that revolutionized the horse blanket industy, but he’ll swear to this day that was never his plan. . . . he had no plan whatsoever.”

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“Jim Collins: Saratoga Polo Club’s Home Turf Advantage”

“The Saratoga Polo ‘old-timer’now, he’s been there longer than anyone else. he knows every corner of the property, every private and not-so-private niche.”

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“Moss Code”

Good karma delivers two graded stakes wins Derby weekend.

“With a program built around doing what is right for the horses-keeping them health, avoiding unnecessary medications, giving them regular time off, and retiring them while they can still have a productive second chapter-Moss aims to keep her horses happy.”

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“Triple Plays”

Italian trainer Stefano Botti hits a trio of trifectas.

“Botti has found plenty of success since opening his stable in 209, but he’s been a frequent honoree in the winner’s circle his entire life. It’s a tradition that goes back quite a while; a family legacy three generations deep…”

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