Melaina is an energetic editor with excellent language skills and an exceptional grasp of grammar and usage. Her editorial skills made her a natural fit for a large and busy book production department. She enthusiastically welcomes the opportunity to learn new skills and is able to apply it all quickly and productively. Melaina is also a very well-rounded individual with a broad range of interests, so she thinks broadly about the work that she is doing. She understands—and genuinely appreciates—that a publisher (or any company) is trying to create a user experience. She gets that there is always a bigger picture and works to contribute to it.

—Ginger Strader Minkiewicz, Director, Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press

“. . . an energetic editor with excellent language skills and exceptional grasp of grammar and usage.”

I unreservedly recommend Melaina Phipps as an editor across the board, for substantive or structural editing, stylistic or line editing, and copy editing. Melaina is hands down the best editor I’ve had for any of my published books, and if I had my way she would edit all of my works. Unlike many editors who focus too narrowly on sentence and paragraph, and thereby lose sight of overall structure and content, Melaina can see both forest and trees. She improves the writer’s work at all levels while maintaining the writer’s voice and intent. She is professional, highly organized, and misses nothing. Again, she has my highest recommendation and regard as an editor.

–BENERSON LITTLE, published Maritime Historian and Novelist, former Navy SEAL

“. . . if I had my way she would edit all of my works.”

Because of her strong attention to detail, her books were always error free, and because of her dedication, they were always on time, in budget. Melaina frequently impressed with her ability to handle the most demanding authors with patience and grace. Her edits made the text more concise or untangled confusing sentences, and her reasonable queries sought to clarify the text for the reader. Her proofreading was a reliable back up to any copyeditor because she caught typos, grammatical lapses, factual errors, and inconsistencies in the text. Her talents were always in demand with the editorial team, and she worked on many of my book projects. Aside from submitting consistently solid work, Melaina never missed a deadline, whether doing a heavy copyedit or a simple proofread. Although I no longer need freelance editors in my current position, I would quickly contact Melaina if I ever required such services, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needed editorial help.

—John Calderone, Manager

“. . . Her edits made the text more concise or untangled confusing sentences . . .”